Helipac cases are used in a wide variety of applications, in order to help create the perfect case for you, here are some answers to the more frequently asked questions:

What size?

30 to 3000 cubic inches

  • from a CD to a computer
  • from a golf ball to a golf club
  • from a note pad to a mobile office

How do I display my products?

  • Foam, routed or die cut, single or dual colored
  • Moulded trays
  • Clear panels
  • Fabricated mountings

What about image?

Yours to choose

  • Printed logos
  • Foil blocking
  • Engraving or etching on aluminum
  • Photo printing
  • Colored vinyl laminates

What choice of panels?

  • Aluminum
  • Vinyl covered wood
  • Transparent finish
  • Fluted polycarbonate
  • Various colors

What choice of style?

  • Slimline cases
  • Attache cases
  • Beauty cases
  • End opening cases
  • Custom styled
For some ideas, why not take a look at our product pictures.

What about internal fittings?

  • Ring binders
  • Elastic straps
  • Paper clamps
  • Plastic sleeves
  • CD sleeves
  • Penholders

Features to remember:

  • Cases remain as a visual marketing aid, long after promotions have finished
  • Foam inserts can be replaced, as your product range evolves
  • Helipac can engineer a system for you