Aluminum presentation cases
Aluminum slimline presentation cases with clear panels

Foam lined aluminum carrying cases
Aluminum slimline presentation cases

Aluminium presentation cases

Helipac offers innovative & unique solutions in the field of presentation and promotion. The Slimline Aluminum cases are great as conference folders; aluminium CD cases; and software packaging, especially when fitted with mountings, pockets or foam inserts. Our aluminum presentation cases create an attention grabbing sales tool for representatives and agents, or a startling eyecatcher for promotional launches of new products. The aluminum attaché cases are not just aluminum boxes, but are customized as Aluminum carrying cases, presentation boxes or as aluminum portfolio cases, all unique to your specification.

Helipacs' custom made aluminium cases can be stylized with logos and corporate images for your sales team. An endless range of colored vinyl laminated panels can be screen printed or foil blocked, whilst the aluminum laminate may be laser engraved, printed or etched

Aluminum Attache cases with clear panels are an alternative solution that offers the opportunity to display products or prints of your choice, and the facility to change the layout for new ideas or images, as often as you wish.

Helipacs' slimline Aluminum presentation cases are a change from the traditional leather portfolio, that can highlight the graphic designers pitch or the graduates final presentation.

The aluminum cases may be developed as a corporate gift, that remains with the client as a smart custom made case, and a long lasting visual marketing tool.

Helipac can create the internal devices to accommodate your particular product with engineered foam inserts; panels; aluminium mounting supports and stationery fixings such as ring binders, paper clamps, straps and similar items.

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